But I’am not calling any. I have tried replacing the micro and the LCD to no avail. How to drive 5v LCD from 3. Posted July 25, As far as I understand it it has something to do with the LCD contrast, but if that the case than it would not matter how I drive the lcd?

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The link is here:.

I hope the library update will come in a reasonably short time, msp340 will be useful for all of us. Requires all four Com lines to display character. LCD Module or Panel? Most common issues occur with the quotation marks, simple and double.

Sign In Sign Up. Posted July 16, Thank you very much for your reply. I had 2 boards with the new lcf made.

Using MSPFR built-in LCD in Energia – Energia – MSP – 43oh

Maybe you have some experience with buikt board LCD or mspfr which look similar? Thanks, I looked but couldent find any. Unfortunate this is not trough, why??


Hello everyone, Am having problems running a nokia lcd with mspf Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Does anyone have a recommendation on a reasonable cost Color LCD? There’s an official library for Energia 16 now.

All I am trying to do is find a way to write values digits to the LCD. But trying to figure out how to actually write something that I want into it.

If someone have an idea; I’ve tried to strip down the original demo included with the board CCS projectbut it has too many dependencies and library calls.

However, after soldering the lcd to the board, some The smallest msp that drives an lcd has 48 pins Posted August 8, Hi, I am trying to select a LCD for my project.

I’ve made this in the past, but the LCD was powered from a 5 V supply because I am interested in changing from a standard LCD to a buily display. What are noise reduction techniques for MSP My only experience with embedded lxd is Arduino programming, so working directly with CCS is too much for me. Does the built in LCD driver But I’am not calling any.


Hi all, Can anyone explain me what bias means on an lcd module?

MSP430 Launchpad interface with 16×2 LCD Display

The pc board is nothing but 3 buttons, 3. They are identical boards. I’d be happy if somebody could take and improve it.

Saw a couple git commits from Stefan on this. I know that the LCD is working. Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt.