Fri May 09, 1: How much for the ? Maybe it’s close enough for you. I don’t think I will attempt it. M-Audio written on a piece of equipment doesn’t mean it sounds good.

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It has all the features I want for this application.

For the price it rocks. I never had a problem with my unit drivers. I will start another thread with the review soon. Live 7 was okay with ua-33. Afin, I’m just curious.

Which is not of course to say that it can’t possibly be good enough ssio some applications. Limitations using Creative Extigy with this driver: It claims to have correct ASIO 2. See the reviews at www.

I remember reading that USB mice work at about Hz.

I’ll try that and get back here with what happens PCI cards have to be very well shielded so as to prevent interferences from the internal computer hardware. PCI, not taking the sound card itself into consideration?


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Wed May 07, 6: Set the back switch to advanced, but still have to use ASIO as the main driver.

That’s all it has to do basically. Dec 25, Posts: I u-a3 real life experience, my education and audio publications when it comes to audio, not computer sites.

Edirol UA-1EX « Brad Sucks

It would still work great for a Mac laptop and Cubase etc. I have heard mixed reviews on it though. But cheap, it isn’t.

Mar 21, Posts: We worked hard to change this, still it seems to be impossible at the moment. Aye, it does suck. How much for the ?

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If the test results in the contrary, I would immediately contact Ableton support. Sat Dec 29, 2: Also, please remember that if you change the mode to advanced once the unit is connected, you have to edrol a Edirpl disconnect – connect cycle on the UA Aug 6, Posts: Originaly posted by Unit one: It allows you to run VST instruments and effects outside of Cubase etc.


DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: Tue Jul 07, 4: Tue Jul 07, 6: I may wind up going for that.