This figure is arrived by dividing the ppi pixels per inch rating by Has anyone tested these two scanners, and would care to comment about their relative quality. What is the size of the original? This is more than enough for your 5×7 prints dpi. Scanning at maximum resolution with the DuoScan at x ppi equals x Select the area you want to appear in the final scan. In other words, would the quality of the printed output be negligible for the “best” scans from these two machines at this print resolution and scale?

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Save a copy of the image in your folder before manipulating it. But you duoscaan have to scan one frame at a time. Agfa has masks for the various formats for use in the glass carrier but these are just for single frames.

Agfa DuoScan T2500 – flatbed scanner Series

Of course, this machine is attractive for its much lower cost. Batch Scanning 35mm slides. Also, with the Minolta you can keep your film in strips of about 8″. I am not interested in printing anything beyond 5×7 dye-sub dpi ; therefore, do I realy need the T as opposed to the Duoscan?

Agfa DuoScan, T and Linotype Saphir Ultra II | Photography Forums

I’ve been researching this myself. The other flatbed scanners I have seen operate in similar ways. See below to learn how to determine this. Best Selling in Scanners See all. Other values require interpolation, i.


Only the area within the marquee will be shown. This goes for “Line-Art” too.

After you have your scanned image: Share This Page Tweet. The glassless carriers that the T comes with only handle: Your name or email address: The scan area limits the maximum area of the final scan The setting in this window determines the area scanned in “Overview” If you use “maximum duuoscan, you limit your true resolution to ppi If you use the “High-res.

Pull the tray all the way out it is NOT removable Push on the tray with your thumbs and lift the edge out of the recess Carefully lift the tray out– be careful not to get finger prints on the glass. Thanks for your coments, David Klepacki dklpeac duoscwn.

Therefore 56 x Be aware that the software dioscan moody and Agfa’s tech support has ranged from good to absolutely horrible. Use the presets, such as “”Slide Holder 1. In duodcan example, an image of x will give me a decent 8×10 when printed at dpi.

What is the output device capable of? Only DRY materials are to be place on the scanner. What is the size of the original? I would like to batch scan Velvia slides strips, not mounted from my Windows NT 4.


The film is placed in a carrier that goes into t250 center part of the scanner and never comes into contact with glass; so there will not be any problems with newton rings.

You don’t need to scan this high but it can be useful if you ever want to output to a digital photographic printer, which I do from time to time a Sienna, great quality.

As the Agfa Duosan includes a functional contour, you can fit it into your space effortlessly for better space management. Area” for scanning single images through Photoshop.

The other option is to lay you strips on the glass carrier. Use the suoscan plate for TEM negatives clean with lint free cloth and glass cleaner Make sure the calibration window narrow area next to red lable is clean and clear. This in my experience introduces newton rings.

Transparent materials should be placed into the most appropriate holder that fits into the drawer at the bottom front of the scaner.