George, After I got it back together, the laptop would not power up still but it would finally with the battery installed. Thanks for all those informations That s help me to open my laptop. Thanks sooooo very much for this tutorial. I have 2 long, 2 short and 2 black and 2 white. You cannot tell until the laptop is tested with another working keyboard. Your diagramming was a Godsend, as the Bluetooth unit or hall switch -whatever had fallen off and I could not figure out where to replace it until I found your website.

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Has helped me no end.

All Drivers For You: DELL Drivers & Downloads for Inspiron M laptop

It was making clicking noises under the mousepad, figured it was hdd problem. If you see any corrosion inside the slot clean it up with a toothbrush and alcohol. I have this same laptop. I also got a new motherboard from Dell and along with the DC jack board replaced these items. Wirelesss sooooo very much for this tutorial.

This is just a guess. The video cable can be connected by mistake upsidedown?


Dell Inspiron M5110 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Your diagramming was a Godsend, as n5110 Bluetooth unit or hall switch -whatever had fallen off and I could not figure out where to replace it until I found your website. Or if you have two memory modules installed test the laptop with each memory separately and find out which one is failing. I disassembled my laptop because after a storm, some water fell above the laptop through a unnoticed hole in the roof.

I ordered the DC jack board from your recommended Ebay site. Took it apart, inspect the monitor wire, looks good.

I just noticed that I also have issues with the WiFi. The screen never comes on. Is there any way to find out besides buying a new screen.

Keep track of screws. Hi There, Your instructions have been very beneficial in disassembling the laptop.

Place two broken pieces back in place. You are a prince among men! Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create wirelless for this site and keep it 5m110 and running.

We have a broken keyboard connector as seen in step Disconnecting and removing the display assembly. This notebook have a intel centrino or dw bluetooth combo card.


My problem is that my Dell gives 3 beeps on start and no display.

So I then got a replacement motherboard new, not refurbished and again, still getting 3 beep code. Forgot to connect the audio So, took del apart and connected the audio wire, then put it back together… Same problem now, all lights and fan but no screen, same as before.

Your steps was clear but i would like to know how i can replace the cable connecting the webcam to the motherboard. Put it back together again and everything works. I want to change my wi-fi card of dell inspiron N You cannot disassemble the keyboard for cleaning.

How to disassemble Dell Inspiron N5110 (Inspiron 15R)

Once replaced, I plugged in the power cord. I would be really happy if somebody can response me. You can support this site.

Any idea where a replacement for this part might be found?