However, I was told that the problem is solved in the next revisions. We couldn’t reject such a praiseworthy initiative as well as let down our readers. The image quality is really good; but I can’t say whether it was the tricks above that helped. It really deserves the respectful attitude. Secondly, the Picture Purifying Technology supported improves reception and image quality; it includes:. Add us to your bookmarks.

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Its first review was slashing because of a great number of problems in the Russian network. I was wrong saying in the EZ-TV review that there’s nothing to add to the scheduler: Before turning off the PC displays the warning.

We plugged the VideoMate TV Tuner card in, connected the antenna cable, the composite video and the audio-in cable. TV reception was possible on the first attempt within 10 minutes after we started installation. FM Tuner When the tuner is started for the first time, it offers to choose a country from the list though tuners usually start automatic or manual scanning and then started auto scanning.

The range of operation is typical of IR devices. But it also can be caused by some bugs or damage occurred during transportation.

Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus II

The less experienced finds help in a detailed installation manual. The developers are going to include the forced auto scanning in the next versions but I think it’s better to let users choose themselves, because it’s simpler to tick off channels if you know the frequencies than to wait for the iii to stop though in my case it took only a minute and disable undesirable channels.


Make us your homepage. I also hope Compro Technology will respond to users’ comments the way they did it before. The other functions are standard. Such solution makes its installation into the PCI slot simpler but it’s impossible to take out the tuner without removing the adapters, and they do not go out easily at that.

It also can be solved the following way: Please enable JavaScript video,ate view the comments powered by Disqus. The stuff recorded can be then viewed in a special window that doesn’t touch the main one. Even brand-name manufacturers sometimes simply give “objective” reasons or ignore Russian customers.

Before turning off the PC displays the warning Besides scheduling recording you can also make the tuner turn on when a certain TV program starts Reminder mode.

So, let’s start from the very beginning.

We found this feature quite convenient and it wasn’t present on the Asus card. This is the handiest model I ever seen in the It industry. If the system has all respective codecs all settings are supported for gopd wma format as well. It really deserves the respectful attitude. I’d like to congratulate Compro Technology with such a successful solution and I hope the company will quickly enter our market.

The remote control gets power from two AAA batteries. What a surprise – all the stuff fit into a single tab.


Welcome to Mediatech India

The monster from X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. What we did not like is that the VideoMate does not have the 2 audio-in ports to accommodate the 2 audio cables which are used to get sound signals from video recorders. Oi, there are Automatic logon and power off on completion of recording options.

Secondly, the Picture Purifying Technology supported improves reception and image quality; it includes:. Besides, the designers use hard high-quality iu with the words stamped out. Taking into account other connectors on the back that can take quite a lot of time.

The guys at Compro Technology didn’t have a chance to test their products in our conditions and helped us to adapt their software.

COMPRO Videomate Gold Plus II M505 FM TV Tuner Card (PCI Slot Required)

The package and accessory pack are a good example of how such things should be made. It’s funny that the computer turns on 5 minutes before recording starts, and if you try to shut it down you will see videomae following warning. How many pleasantries the interface offers!