The controller is able to work with almost any floppy disk format that you can find a suitable drive for usually 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another novelty is the external audio jack and an angled internal audio connector for better accessibility. Should be able to read disks in all four formats on uni- and multi-processor systems without trouble now. Cover the hole with some piece of tape, and everything will be fine. This model and it’s current successor “Catweasel MK2 anniversary edition” have their own page: The Catweasel Mk2 comes with the required cables and a comprehensive software package.

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DOS drivers read-only for this controller were last updated on november 25th, As technology progressed, descendants of these machines used what were essentially extensions to this chip. This adapter allowed using a single disk drive with two controllers: The original version of the Catweasel was introduced in for the Amiga computer, and was available in two versions – one for the Commodore Amiga and one for the Amiga The Catweasel Mk2 comes with the required cables and a comprehensive software package.

This feature of the old Catweasel Catweaasel was rarely used by customers, so it was decided to use the increased space for a better arrangement of the two SID sockets. The one easily visible change is catwasel the new card is no longer low-profile PCI compliant.


The catwease, floppy controller and the Catweasel.

Product prices include German VAT but exclude shipping costs. However, since this is a tedious process which takes a lot of time, please report if a certain format that you want to use is broken, so we can fix the most used formats first. A pass-through was provided on the Amiga version so that the IDE port could still be used for mass storage devices. The Catweasel was therefore created to emulate the hardware necessary to produce these other low-level formats.

Because their drives were only DD drives, the drives didn’t care – so it really didn’t make a difference either!

Starting with the MK4 version, the functionality was integrated into the Catweasel controller. Contents 1 user manual 2 Models 2.

Be prepared for anything. However, at some time in the nineties, the floppy disk industry stopped selling DD disks. I hacked the final bits and pieces together only today, and I really wanted to get this out of the door, but let me repeat that this release is still not in the least fit for production use whatever that means in a retro-computing context.

Note that Kylwalda can only be used with Catweasel models up to MK3.

Linux Lighting Group – CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux driver

Here is the current list of supported floppy disk formats valid for all Catweasels, Amiga and PC alike: This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat The Amiga version connected to the machine’s clock port ; the Amiga version connected to lijux machine’s IDE port. Some users covered the HD indicator hole with a piece of tape, some didn’t. Switching between the controllers was done automatically. Catweasel is a universal floppy disk controller that uses unmodified PC diskdrives.


Icomp Shop Forum About. The Catweasel can handle nearly any disk format, you just have to find a drive for them.

CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux driver

Since the codec is currently undergoing heavy changes, many formats will currently not write correctly. This model and it’s current successor “Catweasel MK2 anniversary edition” have their own page: Custom DOS commands are required to use the interface.

Any feedback is appreciated. Content is available under copyright restrictions unless otherwise noted. Additional filters in the audio part are geared towards filtering noise from high-performance graphics cards and low-quality power supplies.

Please note that Amithlon support is both experimental and orphaned. Floppy disk drives Amiga MorphOS. The Catweasel is a family of enhanced floppy disk controllers from German company Individual Computers.