Why is it bad? Seagate totally realizes this fact, designing dedicated products to ensure all foremost facilities for business boost. I was not able to determine whether the firmware was installed or available in some package, however, or actually test the DVB stick. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Leann, I have the same device and to can confirm that to get this to work you have to copy http: Dennis Murczak dmurczak wrote on Because it destroys the flow of the conversation Q:

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Just curious if this issue exists in Gutsy? The line is represented by models that are equipped with one, two or four drive bays, the overall volume capacity of which might vary from 2TB to 16TB.

This could be a driver problem I going to look for updated drivers this week. Why is it bad?

MEDIA – AfaTech – AF9005 BDA Device Computer Driver Updates

Post by Manu Abraham So afatec this case, they have not explicitly said anything, but will wait for information from him whether the said information can be made public. Strowes Hi, Shall I take a resounding silence as a “no”?

I also have to download the firmware from http: Dennis Murczak dmurczak wrote on Maybe I’ve just been lucky, I contacted them through the only email address I could find on their site the sales departmentand they forwarded it to the guy developing the drivers. Despite this fact, all models feature identical case dimensions: Post by Luca Olivetti Another stupid question: Thanks to digitalwatch’s author Nat and company and forums. Note that starting with the Intrepid cycle, the linux-ubuntu- modules has actually been merged into the linux kernel source so bugs that were previously filed against linux-ubuntu- modules will now be against linux.


Post by Stephen D. I will give that ago, thanks! Peter Fassberg Pete Graner pgraner wrote on I have a el-cheapo USB stick of the same time, and wondered if it would work.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DVB_USB_AF Afatech AF DVB-T USB support

Post by Luca Olivetti Post by Manu Abraham Was working with some other devices as well, so did not want to spend much time with the It looks like it has the af driver included. Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback.

Sorry for the delayed response. It is a well-known verity that corporate field sets up its own requirements towards PC hardware and server systems.

CONFIG_DVB_USB_AF9005_REMOTE: Afatech AF9005 default remote control support

Please let us know your results. Should I top post in replies to mailing lists? I have three other freeview devices which do not have this problem and I added an aerial amp. I hope they’ll reply with some info. Unzip this application and run the exe, select the desired tuner and capture devices from the popups. As a result, the kernel team would appreciate it if you could please test this newer 2. Post by Manu Abraham Sorry, was looking at something else.


Best of afattech on your stab at the first DVB driver. Hi Dennis, Just curious if you were able to test the DVB stick and if you had to manually load the firmware? Do you want me or Manu, since my contact knows him very well to ask them if I can forward you the documentation? Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. You afatecg not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Thanks to the outstanding Seagate Business Storage facilities, corporate clients get an opportunity to fulfill data backup activity without any problems.